What we do

Atlas Filtri Engineering is the support you can always count on.

Our team of professionals is able to conduct the preliminary study, design and construction followed by the management of treatment systems for industrial water, potable water, primary and process water, building systems that are calibrated to real customer needs.

Data collection

Ad hoc analysis to respond your request

Atlas Filtri Engineering’s activity begins with the collection of data relative to the quality of the water being treated (chemical, physical and microbiological analysis) and the definition of customer needs: the requested quality of the treated water, daily consumption, instantaneous flow, available installation spaces.


We design the solution
The Atlas Filtri Engineering technical department avails of modern calculation, sizing and simulation software for the treatment process; our many years of experience allows us to then optimise the characteristics of the systems, which need to be reliable over time, in terms of both performance and duration.

The place where technology, expertise and talent meet themselves

At the Atlas Filtri Engineering factory, every phase of construction and assembly of the water treatment systems is based on achieving high quality standards; the use of modern instruments and equipment and certified quality procedures guarantee the production of reliable and performing systems.


We offer fast and efficient product testing
Each system is subject to strict functional and resistance tests, before delivery to the customer. Atlas Filtri Engineering has its own testing line, which makes it possible to verify the performance of the water treatment systems and fulfilment of the product quality requisites.
Delivery and Start up

A turnkey project

With specialised technical personnel, Atlas Filtri Engineering makes the delivery and first start-up of the system at the installation site. Specific training for staff appointed to system supervision and control is provided as needed.


Customer Service 360°
Atlas Filtri Engineering is by your side, even after installation. Our assistance continues through after-sales services that include technical-sales consultations, system commissioning, on-site assistance, continuous support over the phone, scheduled and unscheduled on-site maintenance, based on specific agreements.