RO 040-RO 080-RO 120

RO 040- RO 080-RO 120 reverse osmosis systems are used for the treatment of domestic drinking water and for the production of process water with specific chemical-physical requisites.

Osmotised water has salts, polluting substances, unpleasant tastes and odours and bacterial rate removed, attaining high rejection values. RO 040-RO 080-RO 120 reverse osmosis systems are available in standard or customisable models, based on the analysis results of the water of origin and customer needs, with water pre-treatment and post-treatment appliances.
They can come with output UV system on the permeate, with antiscalant dosing system and with the possibility of START / STOP with pressure switch or float. They can deliver up to 40, 80 and 120 litres of pure water per hour, respectively and come complete with electromechanical control panel.

Maximum production of 40-80-120 l/h
Size 2521 osmotic membranes
Brass rotational peripheral pump with by-pass
Double protection pressure switch with system block
Float on permeate for automatic system stop
Permeate conductivity probe
Partial recirculation of the supply concentrate
Electromechanical control panel with alarms for automatic system control
AISI 304 stainless steel support panel