The PEGASUS softeners use a special granule filtering medium for water treatment, ideal for reducing organic substances and removing hardness, iron, manganese, ammonia, in a wide range of pH and without adding oxidants.

The filtering medium is a mixture of five different high-quality materials, suitably proportioned between them, of natural and synthetic nature, which acts as ion exchange and absorption. It is used as a resin for softening and is regenerable with sodium chloride (NaCl).
The PEGASUS filtering medium can treat water with a high content of Iron, Manganese and TDS up to 4000 mg/l.

Special automatic softeners with volumetric or time valve
Combined reduction of hardness, organic substances, iron, manganese, ammonia
Compact models with separate brine tank, with capacity from 12 to 120 litres of resin
Cycle capacity from 42 to 420 m3 per °f
Regeneration with sodium chloride (NaCl) as a standard softener